Revive Conference


Revive Conference

Every January, we start the year off with the Revive Conference. This is a multinight event that is focused on the Scriptures. This year’s topic is Christ at the Center. We are going to look at it means to have Christ at the center of all areas of our lives. Mark your calendars for January 13-16 as we come together and are revived by the word of God.


Sunday Morning | 9:30 and 11:00am
     Dwayne Milioni - Christ at the Center of Everything

Sunday Night | 7:00pm
     Burce Ashford - Christ at the Center of Our Culture

Monday Night | 7:00pm
     Ryan Hutchinson - Christ at the Center of Our Finances

Tuesday Night | 7:00pm
     Tommy Waltz - Christ at the Center of Our Witness

Wednesday Night | 7:00pm
     Tate Cockrell - Christ at the Center of Our Home