Make an Impact


Make an Impact

Dear Open Door Family and Friends,

God has continued to bless His church at Open Door, and we want to respond with greater sacrifice so that we can make an even greater impact with the Gospel. This has come to be known as our Annual Impact Offering and it will consist of four initiatives – our church, our community, our nation, and our world. The offering will continue from year to year, with a special emphasis at Easter and Christmas. Our plan is to invest half in the care of our buildings and to share the other half with our local, national, and international partners (listed below). Below is the updated information for 2017.

 Our Church Facilities (50%)

  • Security Upgrades
  • Welcome Center Upgrades (Lighting & Accessories)
  • Renovated area for books and resources

Our Community, Our Nation, and Our World (50%) 




Will you begin praying now about what God would have you give, over and above your regular giving, to this special effort? Allow God to stretch your faith! With greater sacrifice, we can be a church marked by great generosity for the glory of God!

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