Discipleship Classes


Discipleship Classes

Sunday Morning

Communion & Commission - 9:30 am (DRES)
Community is a popular word in today’s church. In a world that is increasingly isolated, people want to belong. Simultaneously, today’s church seeks to call us to “mission” – living out our faith for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Join us as we explore these two popular themes and how they are critical to our lives as followers of Jesus.

Ethics for the Christian Life - 11:00 am (Mirror Room)
Many Christians struggle to know what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in the midst of overwhelming social challenges – from race and gender to income inequality and climate change. Often, faithful followers of Christ are unsure at best what it means to demonstrate and live out a God-centered ethic. The goal of this course is to provide a Christian framework that can guide ODC to making God-honoring decisions in a truth-relative world.

College Class: The Church - 11:00 am (DRES)
What is the church? Who belongs to it? What does it mean to be a healthy member of a local church? The church is not an extracurricular activity to the Christian life. It is central to it. If you are a college student, join us as we walk through this important topic.


Sunday Evening

Godly Stewardship Part s: Stewardship of Your Work - 6:00 pm (110)
In Part 2 of the Godly Stewardship series, we will look at the role stewardship plays in your work whether it be a paid or unpaid job. We will answer some questions like the following and many more: Does your job have anything to do with your walk with Christ? Do you have a calling to do a particular job or can you do whatever job you want? What do you do if you’re not happy in your job? Is there more to your job than just punching a clock? Is there a ministry component to your job?

Ladies Group Part 2:Disciple Making - 6:00 pm (Administration Building)
This class is a practical lab for women who attended the 6-week Disciple Making Part 1 Class. We will be pairing up to practice discipling one another and apply the tools we learned from Mark Dever's Discipling. Groups will walk through the book of Ephesians and use the 7 Arrows of Bible Study to facilitate their study of Scripture.

Book Study: The Screwtape Letters - 6:00 pm (201)
This group will survey one of C.S. Lewis' most important works to help us have victory in our daily battles by knowing the tactics of our adversary.