Discipleship Classes


Discipleship Classes

Sunday Morning
(Begins Aug 13 at Durant road elementary school)

Exploring a Christian Worldview - 9:30 am (DRES)
What is a worldview? Join us as we answer this question and look at the Christian worldview more specifically. This class will cover the basic features of the Christian worldview, specific areas where this worldview is attacked, and then offer a defense against these attacks.

The Reformation: Celebrating 500 Years of the Gospel - 11:00 am (Mirror Room)
Learn what the Protestant Reformation was and why it matters for us today. Explore how the beliefs we hold and practice at Open Door have been shaped by the reformers 500 years ago.


Sunday Evening
(Begins Aug 13)

Godly Stewardship Part 1: Stewardship of the Body - 6:00 pm (110)
Stewardship has become synonymous with fundraising, campaigns, and tithing, but the Bible offers a much richer idea of what it means to be a Godly steward. This 6-week class will look at stewardship of the body. It will be followed by several other 6-week classes that will include stewardship of our time, our finances, and the earth. Each of the four parts will stand alone and be co-led by an expert in the field.

Ladies Group:Disciple Making - 6:00 pm (Administration Building)
How do we take seriously the command to make disciples? A disciple-making life and culture in the church means that everyone works together to be discipled and make disciples. Come join us as we encourage and equip you to engage one another on this journey.

Men's Book Study: A Hole in Our Holiness - 6:00 pm (201)
This 6-week men's group is for those who want to be more like Jesus and consider how God's grace produces in us a holy life. We will be using the book A Hole in Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung.