Discipleship Classes


Discipleship Classes

Sunday Morning

The Parables of Jesus
9:30am | Durant Road Elementary School | 8-week Class
One of the main ways Jesus taught us was in the form of parables. These fascinating stories teach us important theological truths. By studying the parables themselves, this class will teach us how to interpret parables and how to apply them to our lives so that we can respond in faith to these important stories Jesus revealed to us.

Understanding Addictions Biblically
11:00am | Room 202/204 | 8-week Class
How should we view addiction and how can we help those who are struggling with this problem? The Bible answers these questions in clear and transformative ways.This class will help us understand the problem of addiction through the lens of the Bible. We will also learn about practical ways to help someone who is struggling with the problem of addiction.


Sunday Evening

Unexpected Joy: God's Plan for Marriage
6:00pm | Administration Building | 6-week Class
The key to marriage is to remove our demands and expectations in order to love our spouse with the love we have experienced from Christ. This class will study the Song of Solomon and provide practical helps to develop biblical intimacy and overcome challenges in your marriage.

Godly Stewardship: Stewardship of Your Finances
6:00pm | Room 205 | 6-week Class
The word “stewardship” has become synonymous with fundraising campaigns and tithing, but the Bible offers a much richer idea of what it means to be a godly steward. This series will examine what it means to have a holistic view of godly stewardship and will include stewardship of our bodies, our time, our talents, our finances, the earth, and the gospel. Each session will stand alone and be co-led by an “expert” in the field.