Discipleship Classes


Discipleship Classes

Sunday Morning

Pursuing A Life of Holiness
9:30 am | Durant Road Elementary | 7-Week Class
The Scriptures call believers to live a holy life, but this is often a missing link in our daily experience. In fact, many of us live as though holiness is no big deal. During this study, we will explore biblical holiness and pursue it together so that our lives may be more pleasing to the Lord.

Gospel Sanctification
11:00 am | Room 202/204 | 7-Week Class
How does a Christian grow? The simple but profound reality is that we grow as Christians through the power of the gospel. What does this gospel-driven growth look like in the midst of the everyday struggles of life? Join us as we explore the truth of the gospel - how it not only saves us in the future eternity, but also enables and empowers our growth in the present reality.


Sunday Evening

Unexpected Joy: God's Plan for Marriage Part 2
6:00pm | Administration Building | 6-Week Class
The key to marriage is to remove our demands and expectations in order to love our spouse with the love we have experienced from Christ. This class will study the Song of Solomon and provide practical helps to develop biblical intimacy and overcome challenges in your marriage.

Stewardship of Creation
6:00 pm | Room 201 | 6-Week Class
This class will apply the principles of godly stewardship to the care of creation. Does the Bible say anything about caring for the earth? What does it mean to have dominion over the earth? Can humans actually destroy the earth? Is climate change a hoax? We will explore these questions and more, so join us as we seek to learn how to walk faithfully before God as we exercise stewardship of the physical resources of this world.